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Neon Flex 6mm Side Emitting (1m)


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Side Emitting Neon Flex


Low powered 5V LED neon flex that emits light from the top and side surface allowing it to illuminate engraved signs up to 50cm. Ideal for directional or decorative signage.

Price is per 1 metre length.

Internal use only. 

Directions for use

To use this product, you will need to engrave a clear panel using the V Groove Router Bit, and a Side Emitting CNC Cutter to cut the channel for the neon to sit in. 

  1. Design your engraving pattern using a line width of 6mm.
  2. Add another 6mm line to represent where you want the neon flex to sit. This will generally be a border around your etched design. 
  3. Engrave the back of a clear acrylic panel using the a V Groove CNC Cutter
  4. Cut a channel to the font of the panel for the Neon Flex using the Side Emitting CNC Cutter.
  5. Install the neon; add cables and USB power supply. Finish with 6mm push fit end caps if required. 
IP Rating
Internal use only
Technical Details
5 Volts
3 Watts per meter
Number of LEDs
100 LEDs per meter
Cut Point
10mm intervals
(H)13 x (W)6 x (L)1000mm
Quantity per Pack
1 meter
1 year
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